~ Representing Manufacturers of Analytical Technology ~

Agilent Technologies - Industry leader in analytical instrumentation including GC, GC/MS, LC, LC/MS plus ICP/MS, ICP, AA, FT-IR, UV/VIS and more

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Lachat Instruments, Inc. - (A Hach Company Brand)
Automated Wet Chemistry Analyzers - Rapid and precise ion/nutrient analysis via automated wet chemistry (Flow Injection Analysis) and optional Ion Chromatography.  Offers high throughput, excellent detection limits and EPA approved methods.
MicroDist Rapid Distillation system with disposable distillation tubes – for cyanides, sulfide, ammonia, phenolics and tritium.  30 minute distillations!!!
BD40 Block Digestor for TKN Digestions.

Hach Autotitration Systems
Low Cost and easy to use autotitrators for pH, Alkalinity, Conductivity and more.  Pre-loaded applications, outstanding precision and outstanding features.

Questron Technologies
Manufacturers of unique sample prep automation including Wireless Block Digestion, AUTOMATED Block Digestion, Microwave Digestion and automated sample dilution workstations. Check out demonstration videos at the Questron Technologies website.

Teledyne Tekmar
Systems for VOC analysis including Purge and Trap Autosamplers and Concentrators as well as Headspace Automation. TOC Analyzers including options for both UV Persulfate and High Temperature Combustion methods.

Teledyne Leeman Labs
Dedicated Mercury Analyzers – Offering automated mercury analysis including systems for liquids, solids and semi-solid samples. Provides solutions for all EPA methods with unmatched precision, detection limits and reliability.

Horizon Technology, Inc.
Automated sample preparation systems for the analysis of semi/nonvolatile organic compounds. Offering both disk and cartridge-based extraction solutions, as well as evaporation/concentration and solvent recovery, plus systems for oil & grease analysis.

Horiba Instruments Sulfur, Chlorine and Nitrogen in Oil Analyzers - Unique dedicated line of bench-top sulfur analyzers offering low-level sulfur, chlorine and nitrogen analysis in oil, fuels and gases.  Easy operation, and unparalleled precision and accuracy - EPA and ASTM approved methods.

Hand-Held LIBS  Analyzer (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) offering point and shoot trace elemental analysis for Alloy Identification, PMI and GeoChem applications.  Measures C to U in seconds.
Hand-Held XRF Analyzers offering small size and big performance!!!  Alloy Identification, PMI and GeoChem applications.
Hand-Held Raman Analyzers for identification of unknown materials including the NEW CHEM500 for military, law enforcement and first responders.